Monday, 30 April 2012

iOffer Review

A friend of mine, who loves a good "designer inspired" bargain recently introduced me to a website called iOffer - link!

Its like a knock off Asian market on the net... lots of different sellers with lots of different products (there are some authentic things on there but mostly knock off).

The massive con is that buying something that is not authentic is risky, these things can look revoltingly cheap and ugly so buying them on the net is even riskier as you cannot touch, smell or see the materials used.

One of my pet hates are those little shops that pop up in shopping centres that sell fake designer bags, sunnies and purses. You know the ones I mean - they aren't a real shop, more like they have leased a bit of space in the shopping centre near the stairs or where there is a wider bit of walkway and they hang around for a few weeks, then disappear and are replaced by some guy selling lumbar support pillows, then a few months later they are back at it in all their hideous cheap pleather glory.

I will not be your friend if you buy things like that. The bags are tacky and so so revolting and people love them just because they say PRADA or LV.

Yeh Jersey Shore wannabes, I'm lookin' at you.

Just imagine that horrible overwhelming fake leather stench...

Am I above "designer inspired" purchases? hell no, but If I want something it's because its a beautiful product, not because it has GUCCI all over it for the world to see. I have been to my fare share of markets in Asia and while a good 60% of the stuff is tacky, there is also 40% that is really wonderfully made with top of the range materials. The top of the range products cost more of course, but you get what you pay for and if you pay $50 for a knock of Chloe bag then you can expect to get something made with low grade pleather that looks hideous.

So, my big issue with iOffer is that the tacky factor is hard to grade. You could pay $100 for a bag, but you might actually be getting a bag that in a real life market would be $20-$50...In real life, you would see it and know it was crap, but on line, who knows what images they will show you!

They do have customer feedback but to be honest, I don't trust the majority of the people out there and in my head I just assume that they are the Jersey Shore kids that would buy tacky crap purely because it has a label.

I bought a "designer inspired" Calvin Klein perfume from iOffer (it cost around $23), I wanted the perfume and I thought it would be a good way of testing the site. The bottle is a piece of sh*t (plastic and cracked, not glass), so whatever you do, never buy a gift from this site. But other than that, I actually cannot fault it. The smell is not exact, but I prefer it to the real deal (which is total luck I guess).

Calvin Klein - Euphoria

The site is worth a look though, its pretty interesting to see what is out there and you might find some stuff you like.

Again, you get what you pay for, so If you are expecting a genuine leather tote and have paid $50 - you are not getting real leather! If you pay $20 for a ceramic "Chanel inspired" watch - you are getting plastic or similar, not ceramic.

Just keep that in mind and you should be right!!

Have you guys bought anything from iOffer? Thoughts?

Louise x


  1. Hey Silly Lady!
    Get a life, if you don't like imitation stuff because it's not authentic, and those who purchase are wannabees (any person who is not legit is a wannabe, regardless of TV show or otherwise)
    Hey guess what so are you- Buying a real Name Brand Product because it is a "designer" item is wannabe. Regardless if you can afford it or not.
    The only way not to follow a trend is to set them yourself! IE- make or design your own stuff !
    Get off your know it all - High Horse, and just be yourself, even if it means buying a purse because you like it period.
    The crime is the price you pay for a name, you receive just the same stares from half of the people who are just like you, "Hey look at that bitch with the FENDI handbag I bet you it's fake like mine"
    The other 50% of people (NON-WANNABEES)
    don't give a FU#CK
    So shut-up, eat your reduced fat saralee's cheesecake and watch Oprah

    1. If you would like to see my reply to your comment, then please head over to my facebook page where my page likers have answered for me:

    2. IOFFER is a hack.
      I order 5 thing for 550 dollars.
      A got ripped off on all of them.
      Instead of a leather jacket ,I recieved a 20 cent IPHONE Cover.
      DOOOO NOTTT shop on iffer.
      The site does not protect you.
      The minute you write to them to complain about the theft, they erase your review.

  2. Hi Louise

    I must say buying perfume on there isnt a good idea. I am addicted to I offer I buy loads of stuff and love it like you said some of the quality ain't great but you get what you pay for and I enjoy it while it lasts. But say that watches I bought on there 3/4 yrs ago are still ticking away. Handbags are great too

  3. Hey Tammy!
    Awesome, I have been keeping an eye on some of the watches so I might have to take the plunge!

  4. I ordered a breitling watch and was broken upon arrival. I contacted the seller on 4 sept and again today, no word yet. The Louis v scarves are good on this site. I would order cosmetics or fitted clothing on this site. I have not had a problem with perfume either. I received an lv bag today that fits the pics but it is the wrong colour, I have contacted the seller and will let you know when I hear anything back.

  5. I've ordered a couple of things, mulberry handbag and converse trainers, I'm just waiting on them coming through, fingers crossed they look ok. At the end of the day if they don't its a lesson learned :) and didn't cost the earth anyway! I'll let you know how I get on.

  6. Ioffer seems ok if you realize what you are buying. I bought some handbags on Ioffer from Nicehandbags they never arrived then I received a notice that they were at the post office they could not find the package. Then I see on USPS tracking items were returned. I requested a refund from the seller, he says he lost the handbags too and does not want to backup the loss. Now am in dispute with paypal. Anyways be ready to lose your money if your items do not showup.

  7. I guess I have been lucky :) the jacket I bought was great and no knock off . I was scared about the bag but it arrived today and if it's a knock off it is the best I have ever seen! I was so happy with it truly beautiful!

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  9. I ordered a "Michael Kors" watch that was rose gold and I must have got lucky because my purchase was great and the watch was awesome. I shortly sold it though just because it was a little too big on my wrist. I got 5 times more what I paid though.

  10. I bought a "designer inspired" Calvin Klein perfume from iOffer (it cost around $23), I wanted the perfume and I thought it would be a good way ...

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  14. I've ordered a Michael kor bag and matching wallet from there. 5 days later it still wasn't posted, so I asked them to send it and requested a tracking number. 7 days later with no response I threatened to report them the Michael kors directly if I didn't get my package. 30 min later I was provided with a tracking number and marked as shipped.
    I feel there is good sellers and bad sellers on there that's for sure! Now I'm playing the waiting game!

    1. Hi, I am just curious as to id you got your bag and wallet, and what you thought of them?

  15. This is a scam. You will loose your money