Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How To Avoid Nail Polish Air Bubbles

I have been suffering a severe case of nail polish bubbles for the last few months and It finally dawned on me that I was doing something wrong! I researched and came up with some ideas and haven't had this problem since.

I had a look on line and found a snap that shows an extreme case of what I mean by Nail Polish Bubbles:

Image from Google

 Try these tips out to help prevent nail polish bubbles:

1. - After you remove your previous nail polish with polish remover, wash your hands before reapplying the new coats. I never realised this but the nail polish remover stays on your nails and can cause the polish to bubble and chip more easily!

2. - Don't shake your nail polish bottle. Instead, just roll it in your hands. The more you shake, the more likely it is for the polish to get little bubbles which you will then paint onto your nails.

3. - Avoid overly thick polish. If your polish is getting old, just add a bit of nail polish remover to it so that it thins out!

4. - Lift the brush as little as possible when applying, try to do long strokes. Short strokes seem to allow more air to get into the polish so if you use long slow strokes it will help eliminate this issue.

5. - Don't do your nails on a really hot day or if your body temperature is up after exercise. Heat from our bodies can actually cause the nail polish to become a bit unhappy and bubble up!

Louise x


  1. this is sooo amazing, THAAAAAANK YOOOOUUUU !

  2. Also I found that if my hands stay perfectly still when I'm waiting for the polish to dry I can eliminate half the bubbles. Learning smooth brush strokes and avoid any correction moves eliminates the other half.

  3. I have tried rolling the bottle but that seems to make airbubbles for me. Also, whipping the brush at the top seems to help get out the airbubbles.

  4. Ugh thats exactly my nails looked like after my mani last week. I was so mad to wake up to a completely botched nail polish job the next morning. I will keep these tips in mind. TY

  5. Try putting a base coat before adding the nail polish, and let it dry completely. It helps loads and it eliminates bubbles. I also read somewhere that doing it in front of a fan helps dry it out, but I'm not so sure. I'll have to find out.

  6. Great post! #1 gets me every time, I never give my nails a break haha so I end up with bubbles at times.